Another update to the saga of trying to get the Virgin East Coast Ticket Wallet app up and running.

Late on yesterday afternoon (a Sunday, it has to be said, so that’s some dedication to solving the problem) I got a reply to the email I’d sent them previously. It didn’t contain anything in response to what I’d written (so it looks like I’m never going to find out what a TOC is! sadface) but it did say this:

To Dave Pearson,

Thank you for your response.

Please attempt to change your password via the ‘forgotten password’ process.

Once you have amended your password, please attempt to sign into your Virgin Trains East Coast Ticket Wallet App.

I apologise for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t convinced by this plan. There was no explanation as to why I’d want to change my password, or why I’d want to pretend that I’d forgotten my password (I hadn’t forgotten it, obviously), there wasn’t a suggestion that something had been changed or fixed such that this would tickle a solution into working. It appeared to imply that I’d actually forgotten my password and that I should go about setting it again.

Fair enough… I did. It didn’t make a jot of difference. Same problem. I’ve written back to say so.

The actual act of saying I’d forgotten my password was a little odd. I did the obvious thing of going to the main website and saying I wanted to sign in.

Sign in on main site

Once clicked, that took me to the actual login page, which has the link to say you’ve forgotten your password.

Link to reset password

When you click on that link you get taken to…. a login page!

Another login page

There you then have to say, again, that you’ve forgotten your password. Only once you’ve done that do you get somewhere where you can say you’ve actually forgotten your password.

Finally I can reset

Not horrific, of course, but a rather odd route, needing to click pretty much the same link twice to say the same thing.

Anyway, I tried it, it didn’t work, they’ve had an email to say as much. Now I wait for the next step.