About the site

A blog that has wandered from place to place, but has (hopefully) settled back here. Mostly it's to do with tech/coding stuff, sometimes perhaps gaming and video-making stuff, and on occasion personal stuff.

Expect a bit of a mix.

About me

Initially self-taught back in the early 1980s, I started programming on a ZX81 and I've been in love with software development ever since. My "primary" language has drifted over the years, but as it has I've made an effort to get to know and work with plenty of others.

These days I do a lot of Python work, working as part of the Textualize team.

Evenings and weekends I spend a fair bit of time playing, recording and on occasion streaming VR games.

When I'm not in VR I'm likely out running, or tinkering with personal code projects.