Virgin East Coast 10

Posted on 2016-08-02 10:46 +0100 in Life • 1 min read

It's Tuesday morning. That means it's the day after Virgin said they'd call me back to deal with the refund issue from last Friday. I've not had a call back. That's the second time now I've been told they'll call me back on a specific date and I've had nothing.

Right now I'm missing a callback about the refund and some sort of update on the ticket wallet issue (which was promised "very soon" back on July 15th).

I'm also waiting for some sort of contact from another party in the organisation that I was promised via DM on twitter last Friday. No sign of that either (although no timescale was given for that).

It's starting to get a little tedious, always having to be the one to chase things up.

But chase them up I will...