Virgin East Coast 5

Posted on 2016-06-28 14:46 +0100 in Life • 2 min read

Quick update on where things are at with the attempt to get help with the apparent inability to log into the Virgin East Coast Ticket Wallet app using an otherwise perfectly valid account...

As mentioned yesterday I had an email from them. I replied (after writing yesterday's blog post):

I'm very concerned and very confused by your question about if I've even registered with the main website. Yes, I have. I've confirmed this more than once now. During my first phone conversation with support I was told I wasn't in the system and then, when I demonstrated that I had to be, I was magically "found" after some magic "fix" was applied on the fly. Now I'm being told I don't exist again.

I seem to be going backwards with this rather than going forwards, and what's even more frustrating is that any question I ask seems to get ignored while I keep being asked the same basic questions time and again.

Yes, I did register with the main website. That's how I found there was an Android app that works with it. That's how I followed the link to it. That's how I found the support report form and managed to drop you a line in the first place.

So, just so I'm 100% clear on this: which email address are you looking for? How are you looking for it? Where are you looking for it? How come someone looked for it before, didn't find it, and then found it when looking again? If I'm not in the system how is it possible for me to log into the main website?

I also added a couple of screenshots, with explanation, that shows me logging in with the address they claim doesn't exist in their system.

I've had no reply to my questions so far. I've had no reply at all so far.

After posting yesterday's post I did the usual thing of tweeting it and, obviously, mentioned @Virgin_TrainsEC in the tweet.

This lead to a little exchange on twitter where I mentioned that the main reason I was trying to switch to Virgin's own system, rather than use someone line TheTrainLine, was so that I could get the free WiFi and save myself a tenner each trip.

All credit to Virgin East Coast: they contacted me directly and have provided me with 10 one-use WiFi access codes to keep me going while this gets sorted out. It's not a solution to the problem, but it does remove the extra cost I was trying to get rid of for the next 5 standard class round trips (I sometimes sneak in a first class journey if the price is too good to ignore).

So.... no still no solution, but some welcome help from them to be going on with. Can't grumble at that.