Virgin East Coast 6

Posted on 2016-07-06 17:22 +0100 in Life • 3 min read

It's been over a week now since I last had contact with customer services and there's still been no word. So, earlier today, I sent off an email. Short and sweet, requesting that I possibly get an answer to the questions I'd asked them:

Hi, it's over a week now since I answered the couple of questions you asked and asked a couple of my own. Is it possible to get a reply and an update on what's happening?

Later on in the day I got a reply:

Dear Dave

Thank you for your email dated 6th June 2016 concerning the tickets that you have not booked with us yet and the fact that your Mobile App ticket wallet is not able to show you anything after you have installed it.

I am sorry to hear that there has been a mix up with the confirming to you if your email address has been registered or not and a such I wish to clarify this for you, also that there has been such a delay in responding to you.

I can now confirm that your email address is registered on our website and that you have signed up for our Ticket wallet app successfully. We apologise for telling you that it was not but this could well have been that we were searching your email address that you have been emailing us from and this is what has caused the confusion.

With regards to the use of our Ticket Wallet app before you have made a booking with us either on that or on our desktop site, it is believed that you will not be able to see much at all within the app before you make a booking with us however we have made the raise about this for you and we chased this up on the 27th June when you emailed us previously.

I will chase this up again however if possible please confirm what page you get to in the ticket wallet app at the moment so that we can identify if this is normal for a customer has no booking allocated to the app.

At this point I'm starting to seriously consider the idea that I'm being trolled. To start with, there's this bit:

concerning the tickets that you have not booked with us yet

It's hard not to read that as sarcasm. Any way I look at it it comes across as sarcasm. Sure, of course I've not booked any tickets direct with them (although I have booked lots of tickets with them this year via other websites) because of the issue -- that's the damn issue!

Anyway, possible over-sensitivity on my part aside...

The reply still seems to think that the problem is that I'm not seeing tickets I've not booked inside the Ticket Wallet app. That isn't the problem. The problem, as I clearly stated from the very start, is that I can't even log into the app. I. CAN'T. LOG. IN!

I've said this plenty of times. I've made it very clear that this is the problem. And still I'm being asked:

please confirm what page you get to in the ticket wallet app

I'm really wondering what part of "I can't even log into the app" is so hard to understand.

On the other hand, at least I've now got my second confirmation of the fact that I do actually have an account on their website, after being told I don't. I suppose that's something.

Meanwhile.... the Ticket Wallet app is still telling me that my user name or password are incorrect.

PS: "Thank you for your email dated 6th June 2016" -- it's July, not June.