Virgin East Coast 7

Posted on 2016-07-08 15:26 +0100 in Life • 2 min read

Little update on the Virgin East Coast Ticket Wallet app saga. After my previous reply to them I got a reply back yesterday:

Dear Mr Pearson

Many thanks for your email dated 6th July 2016 regarding the fact that you cannot sign into your Virgin Trains ticket wallet app after registering on the desktop version of our website with the email address

I firstly apologise for the lack of understanding on the part of our Virgin Trains East Coast Web Support team with regards to this, the Mobile ticket issue on our app that you have described is one that has not occurred very frequently at all for any of our customers and as such this is what is causing the difficulty in resolving this for you.

I have today spoken to our second line support team and asked them the question of if there is soon to be a fix for this for you to which they have stated that they need a few more days to get this fixed.

I will schedule in a contact back for you for Monday 11th July and after chasing them about this again I will contact you to let you know what is happening with this now.

While it's taken quite a while, it looks like I'm finally making some progress. If I'm reading it right they finally acknowledge that there is a problem and that it needs fixing. It's frustrating that I've had to go backwards and forwards a few times to get to this point.

Monday will be interesting.