It’s now about 3 weeks since my last post about my exploits in getting a problem solved with Virgin East Coast so now’s a good time for a little update.

Two things were “outstanding” the last time I wrote about this. One was that Mike (the customer relations manager in the Virgin East Coast MD’s office) wanted us to meet up for a coffee and a chat about my issues and how things were progressing, etc. Sadly I wasn’t able to make the original date we’d picked out as a possible so another date was arranged. At least, it was kind of arranged. It was noted that this week might be a good time to meet and I’d written back to him to say that Wednesday 21st would be good. Since then I’ve had no reply at all.

The second thing that is outstanding is having someone call me about the issues with the Ticket Wallet app. I’ve yet to receive a call from the person who originally phoned me and who I missed (and who I chased up every day for a week afterwards). I was then told by Mike, about 2 weeks or so back, that that person’s manager would call me instead and that I should expect a call early last week.

That call didn’t happen. Didn’t happen early last week, late last week, at all last week. It’s now Thursday this week and I’ve still not had a call.

Just this morning I’ve chased up both of the above.

It’s now over 3 months since I first reported the Ticket Wallet app problem and I seem to be no closer to seeing it resolved, or even having an explanation as to the cause of the problem.