It’s well over a year since I last wrote something on this blog. As mentioned in the last post (and the one before), it’s not for bad reasons or anything like that. Being in a new job, which actually isn’t all that new now, has kept me busy in all the best ways possible.

There’s been other stuff going on too which has drawn on my attention and the time and motivation to blog, either random stuff, or more development-related stuff, just hasn’t been there.

Also… blogging via GitHub, using Jekyll, has lost a lot of its shine. It sort of makes sense, well, sort of made sense, but in the end it felt like more work than it should. Whereas most blogging systems tend to encourage just diving in and banging on the keyboard, there’s just a bit more faff with the GitHub pages approach.

So, with that in mind, and with no desire right now to roll my own (which would be fun, it has to be said), I’m going to skip off over to Hashnode’s blogging system. It seems to have everything I’d want and I can slap it on a domain of mine.

Most of my random musings about random things really happen on Twitter, so I can’t imagine I’ll be wanting to blog about normal/mundane things. What I would like to do is write about development-related things from time to time. So that would seem to fit even better.

Anyway, enough of all this waffle. If you land here and it looks kind of quiet, that’s because it has been quiet for a while and I’m now going to try and concentrate elsewhere, with a wish to do some coding-related writing now and again.