Catching up

Posted on 2023-07-02 08:00 +0100 in Meta • 2 min read

So... erm... yeah... I did it again. I looked away for a moment and somehow almost 7 months passed without a post! It's so easily done too isn't it? While, when I revived this blog last year, I didn't make a point of intending to write lots and often, I had hope that I'd manage something at least once a week; perhaps at least once a month.

Ahh well.

There's been two main reasons why it's been quiet around here. The first is that my (now not so) new job keeps me busy (in a good way). It involves a reasonable amount of trekking into town and back (which I don't mind on the whole), and once I'm home in the evening I'm generally (but not always) done with the keyboard and desk.

The second reason, which is probably the dafter one, is that a bit earlier this year I finally upgraded my desktop setup from the 2019 Intel MacBook Pro I was using to a recently-released M2Pro Mac Mini (and what an upgrade!). How this plays into blogging being even more quiet is... I needed to set up jekyll again, and I'd forgotten how I got it running in the first place, so I kept putting off getting it going, and...

Well, this morning, I sat down with coffee, grepped the history on my previous machine, and got it running in like 5 minutes (of course).

So, here I am, back adding another blog post. I'm writing this as much to test that the setup works as anything else.

But also, this time, I'm going to try and make a promise to myself: I'm going to try and write more. I can and should write about anything. I can and should write short things as well as long things. I can and should remember that it's not about writing things that are going to be super important or anything like that, it's about just getting stuff down and creating and recording.

Note of course I said "try" and make a promise.

We'll see. ;-)