I’m back! Almost. More or less. In more ways than one. First off, as often happens with blogs (we’ve all been there right?), I’ve been away from blogging for a while. I’ve still been online, still been waffling away on twitter, and have also stumbled into fosstodon as well. Doubtless plenty of other things.

A big distraction for me, and one that is ongoing, is mucking about on YouTube. Since the last time I wrote anything on the blog I got myself a VR setup, and then a PCVR setup, and then finally fibre came to the village and I could stream, and… well, you can see how that would go.

So, in short, that’s where I’ve been and that’s what’s been keeping me busy. Now that I’m paying some attention to blogging again (hopefully!) I imagine some of that will end up on here – I’d quite like to write about VR and gaming amongst other things.

Now, I said I’d been away in more ways than one. Another way is explained by this post from back in 2019, where I said I was going to head over to Hashnode and carry on blogging there, obviously with an emphasis on development and just development.

That kept me busy for a while and worked out well, mostly. But… well, see above in part; I sort of ran out of steam when it came to purely-development topics. But I still wanted to write, a bit, and wanted to write about more than just development.

Also, something else was bothering me about being over on Hashnode. In the past year, in terms of what they promote themselves, especially blogs and posts they promote on their Twitter feed, they seem to have started to lean really hard into crypto and web3 and NFTs and all that stuff. This left me feeling like that was all a bit icky and it was time to put some distance between that platform and myself.

So over the past couple of weeks, low-level and as a background task, I’ve been back-porting posts form over there back into this blog. Starting with this post all new blog content, be it about software development or anything else, will be on here. If I’m really sensible and don’t get distracted by new shiny… this should be how it remains now.

Expect some changes over the next few weeks. While I’m aiming to stick with the core tech (Github pages, Markdown and Jekyll, Emacs to edit, etc), I’d like to tinker with the look and layout of the blog. The content will remain the same though.

So, yeah, anyway, if you’re reading this… hey, it’s good to be back. :-)