Dark Waters

Posted on 2023-07-06 07:36 +0100 in Music • 2 min read

More than ever I'm listening to music while I work. Despite having grown up in the 80s, and so having a good vinyl collection, and then having got into buying all the CDs in the 90s and 00s, these days I have managed to embrace the "just stream all the things" approach. After a long time using Spotify I finally ended up migrating to Apple Music.

One of the things I do find Apple Music does well is the whole "you seem to like this, have you tried this?" thing; which on occasion has resulted in a pretty neat rabbit hole of discovery.

Earlier this year this happened with female-fronted Dutch goth/rock type bands. I don't even remember how that happened, but it's a thing that happened and I gleefully dived right in. I came away with a few names I didn't know before, but one album has really stuck in my head and, now that we're just over 1/2 way through the year, I feel it's the one that gets played more than anything else.

Delain Dark Waters

This keeps creeping back to the top of things I'm playing; sometimes when I'm in "bang on the keyboard lots" coding mode (you know the sort of coding mode: where you don't have to think too much because you have a good plan for what you're doing, but you've got a lot of tapping away to do), plus also often while I'm in the car.

I won't be the least bit surprised to find that this ends up being my most-played album this year. According to last.fm it's at the top of the albums I've played (in places where I have scrobbling set up) in the last 365 days.

My last 365 days of albums on last.fm