Dot Files

Posted on 2023-07-11 20:50 +0100 in Meta • 2 min read

While I'm still in blog-tinkering mode (long may it last!), I thought it might be handy to keep a page kicking around that has links to the small collection of "dot file" repositories I have.

Like many people, I keep these in a central location (in my case up on GitHub) so that I can very quickly spin up a familiar work environment on a new machine (new machines are something that doesn't happen too often, but it's always good to be able to get going quickly when it does).

So, depending on browser type/size, either above here or off to the side, there should now be a permanent link to a page of links to those repositories.

As I look at it now it's actually surprising to me how much of my "comfortable" environment is encapsulated in so few tools, and configured with so few collections of files. There are other tools I use a lot too, but most of them either have their own sync systems, or they have so few configuration options (and are likely in a format that isn't easy to grab/store) that it's not worth the bother.

This feels like a good thing, really.

One thing that's not amongst all of this, partly because it's not that interesting, but also partly because the repository is private, is a single bash script called myenv. On a new machine, once I've got enough of a setup that I can clone from GitHub, I drag this down and run the script and most of the rest of the environment follows.

It's quite satisfying when I need to use it.