The reboot begins

Posted on 2023-08-11 13:19 +0100 in Coding • 2 min read

And I'm off! This morning I spent a good amount of time going through the sources for the old version of and removing everything that won't be needed any more, and also building up a rough TODO list of things I may want to recreate as content.

With that done, as mentioned earlier today, I started work on building the site around Pelican. Pretty quickly though I started to feel that that was going to be a bad choice. While Pelican felt like a perfect fit for this blog -- mainly because it seems to be very blog-oriented -- it was feeling a bit clunky for a general website that would have a handful of static pages at best; likely something I wouldn't be updating too often.

So I put it aside and went on with my morning, doing normal Friday domestic stuff like the weekly supermarket shop. It was while I was out doing that that I realised the obvious answer: use what we use for the Textual docs and what's been used for Material for MkDocs!

I've just spent about 40 minutes after lunch kicking that off and it was really straightforward. Of course the result is horrifically cookie-cutter in terms of its look -- such is the way that mkdocs-material sites end up looking out of the box -- but I don't much care about that; what's important is that I've got a placeholder page in place, and I've quickly built a framework for writing and publishing the content.

So that's the plan: now that the welcome page is in place and there's something on my domain that looks like a working website again I can start to slowly drag in old content in a new format. Heck, if I'm careful I might even be able to retain some of the old URLs!

Longer-term plans might involve finally sorting out https support (yes, even today, my site is http-only), and perhaps adding some sort of RSS feed so there's a record of when changes are made.

After that... hopefully that'll be about it and perhaps the website will last another 22 years running on top of the same engine (actually that part should be easier because the "engine" is now local and it generates a static site).

The question then becomes who'll last longer, the site or me?