I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a creature of habit. Once I get used to something I find it hard to change. In many areas of my life there has to be really compelling reasons to change something. I’ve found that this is the case with my Android Wear watch.

When I first got it it took me a couple or so days to find a face that I was happy with and, in the end, I went with Pujie Black, along with a colour scheme I set up myself (called RGB, for obvious reasons).

Pujie Black with RGB face

Today though I stumbled on Krona Sunlight. This face really got my interest. Part of the reason is that, while what I’m wearing is normally called a “watch”, I don’t see it as a watch (just like my phone isn’t really a phone). It’s a wearable Android device that gives me handy info at a glance and lets me set reminders and things without even having to reach for my phone, tablet, Chromebook or desktop machine.

This face fits perfectly into that.

Krona Sunlight face

While it lacks the battery information (edit to add: it doesn’t lack battery information, it’s just an option that is off by default), and second time display, that Pujie Black has, it more than makes up for it with the rather fantastic display of weather and sunrise/set information – especially how it displays temperature.

This was enough to not only have me buy a copy, but also to switch to it. I’m going to be sticking with it for the next couple of days to see how I feel about it and see if I miss any of the other information.

This might be a little bit of change I can cope with.