Microsoft accounts

Posted on 2015-10-19 12:14 +0100 in Tech • 1 min read

I have too many Microsoft accounts. Far too many. And they still confuse the hell out of me.

Too many MS logins

I found out over the weekend that the office was closing down the old internal email server. Everything moving to Office365. I use Gmail for my email (I have a freebie Google Apps account that I use as the front end for it -- when it comes to things like email I'm Gmail all the way). So, as of today, I have a new work-oriented Microsoft account.

Problem is, I already had a work-oriented Microsoft account because that's how I use MSDN and download stuff from that.

I also have a personal account for reasons I can't remember now.

And then there's the Windows gaming login, which might or might not be related the the one above.

And then there's the old Xbox live account that I think has nothing to do with the above.

And then...

The problem I have is that I never seem to be able to log in with an existing MS account any time something new crops up, and so I somehow seem to end up having to make a new one. And now I have too many and there's no obvious way to merge them or kill them off without losing some service I don't even know I need to use any more.

And then there's my two Skype accounts (personal and work)...

Make it stop! Please! And give me a merge facility!