astare v0.8.0 released

Posted on 2023-10-10 21:42 +0100 in Python • 1 min read

textual-astare is another Textual-based Python project that I've developed in the last year and I don't believe I've mentioned on this blog. Simply put, it's a took for viewing the abstract syntax tree of Python code, in the terminal.

astare in action

I've just made a small update to it this evening after someone asked for a sensible change I've been meaning to do for a while. When I first read the request I was going to look at it next week, when I have some time off work, but you know how it is when you sit at your desk and have a "quick look".

So anyway, yeah, v0.8.0 is out there and can be installed, with the main changes being:

  • Updated textual-fspicker
  • Updated textual
  • Made it so you can open a directory to browser from the command line.
  • Made opening the current working directory the default.
  • Tweaked the way dark/light mode get toggled so that it's now command-palette-friendly.

I think the code does need a wee bit of tidying -- this was one of my earliest apps built with Textual and my approach to writing Textual apps has changed a fair bit this year, and Textual itself has grown and improved in that time -- but it's still working well for now.