Tinboard v0.14.0

Posted on 2024-05-14 08:02 +0100 in Coding • 1 min read

I've just release Tinboard v0.14.0. This release adds a feature that a user requested, wheer you can set the default values for the privacy and read-later status of a new bookmark:

The application settings dialog

So, any time you create a new bookmark, the edit dialog will use those values by default. It's a feature that makes perfect sense but I didn't think to add it early on because... well, I set the defaults to my preference.

Tinboard can be installed with pip or (ideally) pipx from PyPi. It can also be installed with Homebrew by tapping davep/homebrew and then installing tinboard:

$ brew tap davep/homebrew
$ brew install tinboard

The source is available on GitHub.