I’ve no idea when this happened, and I’ll admit that the advice it gives is advice I’ve mostly being following anyway for quite a long time, but it seems that ssh in the ChromeOS terminal has been removed. This is what just happened when I tried to use it just now:

ChromeOS ssh no longer working

To be fair, Chrome Secure Shell is pretty damn good and has served me well for the past couple or so years, working well on the Chromebook and on Windows 7 and 8 (and also now on the Mac, although I’m tending to use ssh in its native terminal more).

I wonder if any other of the limited features of the ChromeOS terminal (in non-dev mode anyway) are going to go the same way?

As an aside to the above, something kind of ironic happened as I was writing this. I opened Chrome so I could preview the post as I was writing it and I suffered one of Chrome’s rather common extension crashes. Look what one of those extensions was (and I wasn’t even using it at the time):

Chrome ssh extension crashes for no reason

Not exactly the best advert for the non-optional replacement.