PISpy v0.6.0

Posted on 2024-04-17 11:30 +0100 in Coding • 1 min read

Back in the very early days of the Textual adventure, within the first month or so of working on the framework, we had a period of dogfooding. One of the projects I wrote during that time was a little tool I called PISpy.

The initial version was pretty much a quick hack; during that dogfooding period I did my best to try and develop a new project every couple of days. Since then I've let PISpy descend into bit rot.

In the last week or so I've turned my attention back to it and made an effort to tidy up the code, tidy it some more, and some more, and even some more.

This morning I put the finishing touches to these changes and released v0.6.0.

PISpy in action

PISpy can be installed with pip or (ideallty) pipx from PyPI. It can also be installed with Homebrew by tapping davep/homebrew and then installing pispy:

$ brew tap davep/homebrew
$ brew install pispy

The source is available on GitHub.